February 22, 2018

Building Your Nonprofit Skills & Strategies: With Lynn O’Connell

Sadly, Lynn has had a death in her family and will be unable to travel to Denver to teach her February classes.  Her next visit to Denver will be May 18 and 19, 2018.

Anyone in the nonprofit world will get great benefit from these nonprofit workshops. If you are building your own nonprofit or working for a nonprofit organization, you are by definition someone who cares. CFU supports those in the nonprofit sector with our nonprofit workshops. Lynn O’Connell’s workshops are the cornerstone of our nonprofit certification program.

Lynn is the director of Computer Core, a nonprofit in the DC area. Over the years, she has worked for several nonprofits, including a national health care grant making organization, and has been the president of the Alexandria Virginia chapter of Volunteer America. She holds a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University as well as a Master’s in Philanthropy from Indiana University.

Lynn is also a passionate advocate for adult education and taught her first class 21 years ago (a 4-hour grant writing class) to help her get over a fear of public speaking. Now, she offers more than 15 courses designed for professionals in the nonprofit or small business worlds, ranging from starting a NPO to government bids and contracts.


How to Start a Nonprofit Organization.  Walk through the steps of creating a nonprofit or converting an existing organization or business to a tax exempt organization.

 Building & Developing the Best Board.  A strong and functional board is essential for nonprofits.  Get the inside scoop on how to attract the right people and how to ensuring they contribute.

 How to Create a Business Plan that Works.  Learn to write a business plan that sets objectives and moves you and your organization forward.

 Become a Grant Writer. One of Lynn’s key seminars, this class has been taken by hundreds of CFU students to rave reviews. In just one day, find out how to write grants to get your nonprofit projects funded. Register early—this one tends to fill up.

 The 3 R’s of Volunteers:  Recruitment, Retention, Recognition.  Your nonprofit will have a hard time running without a cadre of devoted and talented volunteers. Lynn is past president of Volunteer Amercian Alexandria and will guide you in what you need to know.

Building Your Nonprofit for the Future: Strategic Planning That Works.  Learn how to do long-range planning that your organization will actually follow. 

Browse all of Lynn’s nonprofit workshops or all of CFU’s nonprofit strategies and skill classes.

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