January 20, 2018

Become a Leader in Your Nonprofit!

Nonprofit Adminstration Instructor

Lynn O’Connell

Denver is booming with nonprofits these days and you can boost your attractiveness in the field by honing your knowledge base and skill sets unique to nonprofit work. We’ve built a whole program of classes to help you out, including a certification program in nonprofit leadership and administration.  The cornerstone of this program are the seminars taught by Lynn O’Connell.

Lynn hails from the DC area where she is the director for nonprofit and has worked and served on dozens more. She teaches adjunct at several DC area schools and is the former president of the Alexandria chapter of Volunteers America. Students eagerly look forward to Lynn’s nonprofit and grantwriting classes in Denver. Here is her line up for mid-June:

Learn more about CFUs Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration. The certificate is designed to be as flexible and diverse as possible for real-world students. You don’t have to register for the certificate itself, just start taking classes that interest you in our nonprofit section. When you think you’ve taken enough to quality for the certificate based in the certificate guidelines, give us a call and we’ll review what you’ve taken and issue the certificate.


  1. Shakeel Zia says:

    Hi Laura, I want Non Profit and Digital Marketing program, please allow me to join this course. How I can take admission and classes. Thanks

    • There is no admission process! Just sign up for the classes you want to take in either certificate program and let us know once you think you’ve taken enough. We’ll issue the certificate.