December 14, 2017

Digital Marketing Certification Program

Digital Marketing Certificate of Completion:online marketing certification in Denver
For Business Professionals or Aspiring Social Media Managers

Online marketing certification in Denver is available at Colorado Free University. Small business owners, sole practitioners, marketing directors, and anyone using the Internet and social media to bring in clients, customers, and sales must understand the quickly changing landscape and strategies of digital marketing in order to be effective.

In this online marketing certification in Denver, you can take courses to prepare you to implement or direct your business’ digital marketing campaigns. It is suggested that you start with Overview Classes, explore the various platforms and tools of digital marketing by taking some Core Courses, and then take the Final Strategy classes to complete. A minimum of twelve (12) courses is required to earn a Digital Marketing Certificate of Completion.

Students who wish to work as social media managers (those who professionally manage digital marketing campaigns for others) must also complete an additional 40-hour Practicum internship under the guidance of a CFU instructor.

CFU’s online marketing certification in Denver is not an online program.  You meet in class with instructors where you can get your questions answered.

NOTE: To earn either online certification in Denver, it is not necessary to enroll or pay for a special certificate program course. Simply start taking any of the qualifying classes listed below and contact the office when you think you’ve fulfilled the requirements or are getting close. We’ll review your record and issue a certificate. Note that course offerings do change from time to time; we will honor the classes and curriulum published when you started the program. It is possible to complete a certificate in 3-6 months. Students aiming for the Social Media Manager Certificate will need to register for the Practicum and arrange meetings with their instructor. Please call or visit the CFU website for more information on the Practicum. Need help? Call us or stop by the office!

See the dates, times, & costs of classes here.

Overview Classes (required and recommended to take first):

  • Digital Marketing Overview (#1935)
  • The Keys to Drive Business Through the Web (#1989)

Core Courses – take 8 or more:

  • Facebook Business Pages: An Online Marketing Tool (#3733)**
  • More Marketing with Facebook Ads, Boosts, Events & Groups (#3720)**
  • Google Analytics 101(#1990) **
  • Twitter for Business: Find & Engage Your Audience (#3732)**
  • Using Linked to Grow Your Business (#3350)**
  • Use YouTube for Effective Digital Marketing (#3725)**
  • Blog Your Way to Success (#3337)**
  • Writing for the Web (#2068)**
  • Getting Started with WordPress: Content Management (CompuSkills #3475)**

**These classes are highly recommended to work as a Social Media Manager

  • Move Ahead with WordPress: Under the Hood (CompuSkills #3476)
  • Blogging Basics: Hands-On Training (CompuSkills #3411)
  • WordPress for Developers (CompuSkills #3479)
  • It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3 (CompuSkills #3477)
  • Promote Your Business with Social Media (#3721)
  • Branding for Small Business (#3208–not a digital marketing class but highly recommended)
  • Improve Your Rank: SEO Success Factors (#3472)
  • Make Your Posts Pop (#1924)
  • How to Plan a Marketing Calendar that Works for Your Business (#3399)
  • 90 Days to Launch (#3310)

Final Strategy Classes – Required:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy (#1928)
  • Social Media ROI (#3630)

Required for Social Media Manager Certification Only:

  • Practicum (#3629)*
    *The Practicum is a 40-hour internship under the mentoring of a Practicum instructor. Before beginning the Practicum, students must be proficient in using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Students choose Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram to demonstrate additional proficiency. Students must also provide a transcript to the Practicum instructor showing First, Core, and Elective classes taken.  Once the 40 hours of work are completed, the student will present his/her work to the mentor and CFU president for feedback.