January 23, 2018

Deb Flomberg: The Keys to Driving Business through the Web

Do You Need to Learn How to Drive Business through the Web? Does your business depend on driving business through the Web?  In this class at Colorado Free University in Denver, you can learn techniques to increase your visibility on the web and drive more traffic to your business. These highly effective online marketing tactics […]

Tools for Small Businesses: Seminars with Jennifer Croft

Jennifer Croft comes to CFU to offer two seminars to help small businesses in areas critical to business.  Jennifer has successfully started and run six small businesses. Owner of Croft Communications, she is a master teacher and business consultant and has helped more than 3,000 people start and run their own businesses.  If you’re running […]

Digital Storytelling: Creating Videos to showcase your business or project!

Join us for this fun and informative workshop to learn how to showcase an upcoming event, share photos of the holidays or bring attention to an important project. Learn how to plan your story and then bring your project to life using images and sound files to create a short video. Walk away with a […]

Joyce Feustel: Social Media Instructor

Joyce Feustel founded Boomers’ Social Media Tutor in 2010.  She took advantage of Colorado Free University’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing to get up to speed on the various social media platforms.  Joyce has been teaching classes on Facebook and Pinterest since 2013.  Joyce graciously acknowledges CFU and President, Helen Hand, in her recent blog […]

Digital Marketing classes at CFU

Digital Marketing is a must for every business.  There are lots of options and no small business person has time to do it all.  Cut through the chatter and learn from experts in the field who work in the 9/16/15–Digital Marketing Overview 9/19/15–Use YouTube for Effective Marketing 9/22/15–All About Google: Free & Comprehensive Tools for […]

Classes to start your New Year right!

At CFU we offer a wide range of classes to  help you start your New Year right!  CFU has all your bases covered for 2015, whether your goals are personal or professional.  See all of the January classes or browse through a sampling of what we have coming up: Health and Wellness: 1/8/15–Clean Living:  Managing […]

Crack the Code of Digital Marketing!

Many people come to us completely overwhelmed by the choices in digital and social media marketing for their businesses. Whether you want to go the DIY route or hire a digital marketing professional, you can make the best marketing choices by understanding what online marketing options exist and how they work. This November, crack the […]

Tech Tip: Fix a Google Duplicate Listing

Did you 100% optimize your Google Listing? Plus you built lots of citations but you’re still not ranking? Have rankings from your Google Listing dropped out of nowhere and you don’t know why? Did you recently move your business into a new location? Did you recently change your business name or phone number? If you […]

Get a Handle on Social Media–and Get Certified too!

Are you wondering where to begin to get a handle on social media? Things are always changing in the world of digital marketing. CFU created the social media certificate program for two reasons. One was to help small business owners evaluate the playing field and be able to make good choices about the social media […]