January 23, 2018

Live Well & Prosper the Paul Mladjenovic Way!

This visit has been cancelled.  Look for Paul Mladjenovic to return in February or March of 2017. Perennial favorite visiting speaker Paul Mladjenovic returns November 4-6, 2016 with a great line-up of classes, including a couple of new offerings especially for investors. Paul Mladjenovic, CFP, is a national speaker, home business consultant and author of […]

Cybersecurity for Your Business: Information No Business Person Should Overlook!

So you’re starting a business.  You’ve signed up for all the classes and are on track:  Business Plan – check; Marketing approach – check; Sales model – check.  But what’s missing? Do you understand how to protect your business information, keeping it confidential, maintaining its integrity, and always having it available?  Even if your business […]

FLASH SALE: 3 days only!

Time to Save!!  Get $10 off any of these classes.  Use the code FLASH16 when you register online.  You must register by 2 PM on Wednesday (10/12) for the real estate class.  For all of the others, you have until 7 PM on Thursday (10/13).  You can also call us at 303-399-0093 ext 0 and […]

I’m Not a Salesperson: 5 Things You can Do to Change Your Mind, and Your Results

Say What?  I’m not a salesperson (and I don’t want to be one)”.  Here are the top 5 things you can do now, to change your mind and your results. Are you in sales?  Of course you are– we are all in sales.  Maybe you don’t realize it, or just don’t want to be.  But, think about […]

Small Businesses Find Their Friend in Steve Veltkamp

Small business have a friend in Steve Veltkamp! Join Steve for workshops and seminars on starting and running a small business of many different varieties.

The Best eBay Workshop You’ll Ever Find!

Join Kevin Boyd for a pair of eBay workshops and start a profitable new business or just get that junk out of the garage and into the bank.

The “Fried Side” with Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman teaches LinkedIn for Business and Twitter for Business at CFU.  He is owner of the Friedman Group, An Inbound and social Media Marketing service.  Brad writes a blog, The Fried Side.  Read this excerpt of his post about branding for professionals. “As a provider of professional services, your image is important to you. But […]

Make a Living as an Artist: Terri Belford

Artists, you can do your art and be a business person at the same time.  Terri Belford has been making and selling art for decades and will share her strategies in these special workshops.  We’re excited to have Terri come to Denver to offer three workshops. On Friday, September 9 she offers a brand new […]

The Self-Aware Leader: Your Singular Skill for Success by Tasha Eurich

The Self Aware Leader: Discover the Singular Skill for Success Self-awareness, understanding yourself and how other people see you, is the meta-skill of the 21st century. There is strong scientific evidence that self-aware people are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. They raise more mature children. They’re superior students who are smarter about choosing […]

Self-Awareness: The Key to a Better Life

There is strong evidence that people who are self-aware are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. In fact, self-awareness might just be the meta-skill for the 21st century. Self-aware people are better students, make strong career decisions, and raise more mature children. Join New York Times best-selling author and researcher Tasha Eurich, PhD, on […]