January 23, 2018

Small Business & Investing Seminars with Paul Mladjenovic

Paul-Mladjenovic-FB-picPaul Mladjenovic comes to CFU this spring with his prosperity business and finance seminars.If you’ve ever met Paul at the UnJob Fair, you know what an amazing resource he is  for the small business owner/entrepreneur.

You are probably already an expert at what you do. One of Paul’s most popular classes is teaching people how to take their expertise and market it as a consultant. On 4/29/16, don’t miss The $1,000-A-Day Consultant.

Another gem of a class is The $100,000 Self-Publisher on 4/29/2016, and you don’t have to be a writer or have a manuscript ready to prosper from this class. There are many ways to be involved in self-publishing. Join Paul and find out more.

The trend topic in employment these days is multiple income streams. Many people are finding that some combination of entrepreneurship and employment allows them flexibility. Paul’s Home Business Goldmine on 4/30/2016 is full of ideas for self-employment, whether you are looking for part- or full-time income.

For people running a business, Zero Cost Marketing on 4/30/16 is full of ingenious ideas for ways to market with almost no upfront cost.

Paul is also a certified CPA and has been helping people invest wisely for many years.  If you are new to investing, a great place to start is with The $50 Wealth Builder on September 15.  If you’re not risk-adverse, Paul’s Ultra Investing Using Options on September 13 is one of his most popular courses.

Browse all Paul Mladjenovic’s upcoming class dates here (even if the classes mentioned in this post have passed).