January 22, 2018

Small Businesses Find Their Friend in Steve Veltkamp


One year Steve rolled into town in his custom Jeepney. You can count on Steve’s seminars to be as colorful, creative, and interesting as his ride!

Steve Veltkamp is the friend of small business.  For decades he has consulted with small businesses to build success with easy-to-implement strategies and cost-effective tools.  CFU has been fortunate to have Steve travel to Denver to offer his high value seminars.  Folks who have taken Steve’s seminars in the past have told us that they appreciate the wealth of information that he presents and his humble, down-to-earth style.  Steve is a CFU treasure, make sure you take advantage of what he offers.

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10/26/16–So You Have a Great Idea? 

10/26/16–Make Money with Your Website or Blog

10/27/16–Negotiating Power

10/27/16–Sell Your Stuff on Facebook, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy & Other Non-eBay Sites

10/28/16–Sidelines for Seniors

10/29/16–Break into Import/Export

10/29/16–Small Business Success Bootcamp