January 23, 2018

Master the Art of Small Talk–Debra Fine

Master the Art of Small Talk with Small Talk guru, Debra Fine.  Debra has been teaching this very popular class for 10 years here at Colorado Free University.  She travels all over the world giving presentations and workshops on conversation skills, so we’re awfully lucky to have her in Denver.

Read what some recent students have said about Debra’s class:

  • -“Debra is amazing.  I want to be like her when I grow up!  I feel more confident to approach people.”
  • “She kept us engaged throughout the class.  It didn’t feel lke 2/5 hours…[I got] techniques to talk to strangers.”
  • “Friendly, fun, enjoyable.”
  • “She’s very comfortable with meeting and & communicating with others. ..[I learned the importance of] taking time to remember even the smallest details about others really makes them feel good & helps build relationships.”
  • “Outstanding teacher–and great presenter.  Enthusiastic and gave great real world examples.”
  • “She presents in an energetic, engaging manner–interesting, well organized.”
  • “She is the best at helping us master small talk.”
  • “Loved it!  Lots of practical tips!”
  • “Debra Fine is very confident & charismatic.  She knows her subject matter.”

Find Debra Fine’s Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: Learn to Mingle with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, About Anything in the Special Event Section of CFU’s course offerings.