January 23, 2018

Small Talk: Make Mingling Fun with Debra Fine, August 15

Debra FineMaking small talk can be daunting, even for extroverts.  We all feels some level of awkwardness at social or networking events.  Debra Fine can make it better!  She has a unique way approaching those situations where you have to strike up conversations with new people or chat with folks you don’t know well.  Her CFU workshop:  Discover the Fine Art of Small Talk: Mingle with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, about Anything, is a hit class at CFU because it you gives practical strategies that you can put into action right away to make social events flow more smoothly.  Instead of dreading making conversation, you can find it to be easy and actually rewarding.  Hop into the next session of Debra Fine’s class on August 15, 2016.