November 21, 2017

Writing Your Blog

3 Ways to Get Started Writing Your Blog Setting up a blog is easy. There are free websites that go through the entire blog-building process step-by-step. If you don’t want to do all the work, you can pay someone else to set up a blog for you. It is writing your blog that can be […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media classes

Digital marketing is essential for small business success. An area of focus in our course programming a great selection of social media training and digital marketing. These days, you can’t do business without learning at least a little about using digital marketing–the social media and other online marketing tools that you can use to get […]

Tools for Small Businesses: Seminars with Jennifer Croft

Jennifer Croft comes to CFU to offer two seminars to help small businesses in areas critical to business.  Jennifer has successfully started and run six small businesses. Owner of Croft Communications, she is a master teacher and business consultant and has helped more than 3,000 people start and run their own businesses.  If you’re running […]

Barbara Winter: Why An Un-Job Fair?

What Is This “Un-Job Fair”?? By Barbara Winter During the years I lived in Las Vegas, our local news had at least one story a week about a job fair. We’d be shown long lines of folks waiting to hand in their resumes and find a job. Any job. The number of applicants always outnumbered […]

Cybersecurity for Your Business: Information No Business Person Should Overlook!

So you’re starting a business.  You’ve signed up for all the classes and are on track:  Business Plan – check; Marketing approach – check; Sales model – check.  But what’s missing? Do you understand how to protect your business information, keeping it confidential, maintaining its integrity, and always having it available?  Even if your business […]

The “Fried Side” with Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman teaches LinkedIn for Business and Twitter for Business at CFU.  He is owner of the Friedman Group, An Inbound and social Media Marketing service.  Brad writes a blog, The Fried Side.  Read this excerpt of his post about branding for professionals. “As a provider of professional services, your image is important to you. But […]

What’s new in digital marketing? Hint: a lot!

The challenge for most business people these days is not just which digital strategy to use for their business, but how to keep up with all the changes. Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube — all these common platforms update their features and functions regularly.  Plus, new tools are coming all the time. Join one of our classes […]

Deb Flomberg recommends the Un-Job Fair

Our wonderful Deb Flomberg, who is on hiatus right now from teaching, writes an online column.  She features the “Un-Job Fair: Strategies and Opportunities for Successful Self-Employment” which is on April 9.  Deb has been a breakout presenter in past Un-Job years. Deb writes: “Wether you’re already your own boss or you’ve had dreams of […]

Aimee Skillin presents at the Un-Job Fair: Google tools for small businesses

Aimee Skillin is wild about all the wonderful things that Google has that can help small businesses.  In her Un-Job Fair break-out, “Google for Small Businesses”, she will show participants the terrific tools that are available through Google to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses in an affordable way. Discover how you can use it to manage calendars, contacts, […]

Beth Johnston: Social Media Marketing at the Un-Job Fair

With an MBA and BS in Business Management and Finance, Beth Johnston is a certified professional social media manager, strategist, trainer, and consultant.  She is founder of Social Bridges, a local social media marketing firm.  She was an early graduate of CFU’s Social Media Manager Certification program and now is running a robust business.  She’ll […]