February 22, 2018


Spanish 7 (Book 4, part 1) Register / Schedule
In this course you will learn a series of new grammar topics including the imperfect tense, the passive voice and the future and conditional tenses. Each lesson also has a fun dialogue with conversation topics related to the dialogue.

Spanish 8 (Book 4, part 2) Register / Schedule
Learn the primary/subordinate clause sentence structure and the present tense conjugations of the subjunctive mode.  After this class you will be able to express wishes, doubts, recommendations, and impersonal expressions.

Spanish 9 (Book 4, part 3) Register / Schedule
Spanish 9 will present more uses of the subjunctive such as: adverbial clauses, “si” clauses, and using the subjunctive with “aunque.”  Learn how to conjugate the imperfect tense and how to communicate hypothetical situations, uncompleted actions, and wishes using “ojalá.”

Spanish Conversation 3 Register / Schedule
Broaden your vocabulary and strengthen your conversational use of the past tense. Engage with your teacher and classmates in cultural discussions, travel topics and more. Students should be familiar with the preterit tense.

Spanish Conversation 4  Register / Schedule
Perfect for those who have taken our Spanish 7 & 8 classes or who have studied extensively here or abroad. Discuss current events and newspaper articles, give a short presentation, read short stories, write a movie review, plus more. Practice speaking in the conditional tense and in the subjunctive.