February 22, 2018

Custom Training

Acquire the language skills you need in as little as 5-10 weeks with affordable, quality Spanish classes at your location in the Denver area!

The Spanish Center at Colorado Free University offers:

  • A program that builds proficiency fast.
  • Classes that can be modified to meet your needs.
  • An audio CD and workbook that help drive each lesson home.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Competitive prices.

We have experience teaching in hospitals, libraries, public school schools, construction companies, financial institutions, restaurants and more.  Go to Spanish Classes for Professionals for a list of companies we have worked with.  We would like to have the opportunity to help you and your organization acquire the language skills you need.

For more information and pricing please call Helen Hand at 303-785-2333. We are very flexible with scheduling! Tell us the best time to teach your group and we’ll accommodate!