November 21, 2017

Spanish Immersion Weekends – Testimonials

“I have studied six languages and this is the most well presented of all the classes I have ever taken.” —David Donaldson

“I enjoyed the weekend very much. I liked the format of having four different teachers with four different teaching styles.” —Joelle Klein

“It was a great to really work on some areas that we can’t spend too much time on in individual classes.” —Sue Foppe

“The instructors for this weekend were fantastic. They were always able to answer questions with grammatical reasons for why the language was spoken in a certain way.” —Mary McAllister

“I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. I learned so much and I’m really glad I made the commitment to do it. It was great to meet others with similar interests.” —Jennifer Stocker

“My level of Spanish increased tremendously because now I can speak in the past tense. Thank you for providing fun and effective teachers. I plan to come again.” —Davinna Artibey

“All of the instructors were extremely enthusiastic, friendly and available to answer questions. I enjoyed this very much and will plan on doing it again.” —Tim Colt

“Before I came here I did not understand the past tenses very well. I did not know how to use the verbs. I really learned a lot. This will help me get to the next level. Thank you very much.” —Elise Sandoval

“This weekend was more than I expected. It began to get me to a comfortable level of speaking Spanish. I will certainly attend another weekend if it fits my schedule. The presenters are excellent and full of enthusiasm to teach.” —Allan Markman

“This was a great way to come practice what you have learned thus far and meet wonderful people while doing it. I had a great time and learned a lot while doing so. Thank you!!” —Traci Sanchez

“Worth the trip to Denver! Maybe I’ll return some day for the advanced class.” —Kedrick Bellamy

“Best program in Denver!”—Pat Wiesner

“I really enjoyed the whole weekend. It was a lot of fun and it really helped accelerated my Spanish” —Lou Caldrello

“I also enjoyed the dancing…..It was fun and all of our teachers were very nice and really got excited when we learned what they were teaching.” “I enjoyed it very much and would do again.” —Barbara Mahar

“Very pleased with all maestros, thanks.” —Claud Cloete

“La presentación de Cuba fue muy interesante.” —Scott Koehler

“Me divertí mucho. ¡Gracias!” —Jerry Brown

“I had a very fun time! The weekend was very educational. I look forward to the next (and hope that I understand more by then). All of the instructors were great.” —James Shattuck

“I think everyone really enjoyed it….The teachers were really good.” —Christine Allison

“An excellent way to refresh and learn at the same time.” —James Holbrook