February 22, 2018


Spanish 3 (Book 2, part 1) Register / Schedule / Level Quiz
Learn idiomatic expressions like “I’m thirsty” or “I’m cold”, reflexive verbs, more irregular verbs, the present progressive, and how to ask for and receive directions.

Spanish 4 (Book 2, part 2) Register / Schedule / Level Quiz
Continue where you left off in Spanish 3 and learn the present perfect tense, indirect object pronouns, possessive pronouns, and verbs that take the indirect object pronoun in expressions like “me gusta” or “me duele.”

Spanish Accelerated 2 (Book 2) Register / Schedule / Level quiz
This class reviews the contents from Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 in five weeks. This class assumes you have studied the topics before and simply wish to review them at a fast pace.

Spanish Conversation 2 Register / Schedule
Build your conversational skills from the grammar learned in Spanish 3 & 4 or Accelerated Spanish 2. Read and discuss a series of fun, cultural conversations. Engage is spontaneous conversation topics, role-playing and lots more.

Spanish 5 (Book 3, part 1) Register / Schedule / Level Quiz
In this class you will study the preterit tense and begin to speak about events that occurred in the past. You will also learn por and para, direct object pronouns and commands.

Spanish 6 (Book 3, part 2) Register / Schedule / Level Quiz
Spanish 6 continues with the irregular forms of the preterit tense and commands. Learn how to use time expressions when talking about events in the past, demonstrative pronouns and more ser & estar, as well as how to avoid some common pitfalls.