January 23, 2018

Spirit Communication with Karen Storsteen

Karen Storsteen

Karen Storsteen

Have you been curious about psychic phenomena and medium communication?  Learn about communication with the spirit world, experience a short reading from Karen Storsteen and develop your own psychic skills. Karen, M.S., M.A.  has unique innate gifts and is a psychic-medium, psychotherapist and executive coach. She is educated in the fields of psychology, management and finance as well.

October 26, 2014 Spirit Reading & Psychic Brilliance with Karen Storsteen

What students have said about Karen:

“Very real & approachable.  Personable & warm persona is projected through the class.”
“Knows her subject well.”
“She was great. Not who I expected in a very positive way.  [I] liked the science aspect.”
“Wonderful, open & inviting.”
“Karen is interesting, educational, entertaining and funny.  What a great 3+ hours!”