January 23, 2018

Learn to Read Tarot the Easy Way!

Years ago, Rochelle Fisher was frustrated in her efforts to learn to read the tarot because there were so many cards to remember and so many meanings. Worse, when she tried to use a book to help her, she would get distracted and felt that it slowed down the reading. But she didn’t give up! […]

Psychic Karen Storsteen Teaches Intuitive Arts

Gain tools and methods to develop psychic skills and intuitive skills in an uplifting class with a professional medium, Karen Storsteen on April 10, 2014. Karen shares cutting-edge findings in science that explain how psychic ability and mediumship work and learn the secrets of the afterlife. Students can take an assessment and practice using intuitive […]

Psychic Reading & Spirit Communication with Karen Storsteen

Are you interested in developing your psychic skills? Do you long to connect with loved ones who have passed? Join noted Denver psychic and radio personality Karen Storsteen on January 19, 2014 for a fascinating afternoon reconnecting with loved ones who have crossed over into spirit form. Karen will speak about spirit communication and then […]

The Last Law of Attraction

Evon Davis, a long-time CFU writing and metaphysics teacher, shares some of her inspiring thoughts on her last Law of Attraction class coming up this weekend: It’s that time again…. the very first workshop I ever taught at Colorado Free University, the Law of Attraction, is being held this weekend, Saturday, November 16th at 1:00pm. […]

Talk with Your Animals

Do you wish you could talk with your animals?  You know they have lots to tell you, if you could just bridge the species gap.  Danielle Tremblay has worked as a professional animal communicator with folks all over the country since 2006.  She can teach you how to communicate with your pets yourself. Students in […]

Explore the Frequencies of Healing with Eric Pearl

CFU is pleased to welcome Eric Pearl back to Denver to share his Reconnective Healing on September 11, 7-9:45pm. The principles of Reconnective Healing are simple, but the results can be extraordinary. During this experiential presentation, Eric Pearl will lead you through different exercises that will allow you to begin to access and feel the […]

Go on a Psychic Journey with Medium Sharon Cheny

Go on a spiritual and psychic journey with medium Sharon Cheney. Sharon hails from Santa Fe, NM and has been working with her intuitive gifts her whole life. We are always pleased to welcome her back to Denver. Sharon changes up her seminars with each visit, but always on her line-up is a Spirit Communication […]

Meditation, Mindfulness & Hypnosis Classes

While there are many subjects that lend themselves to quick short-seminar study, meditation, mindfulness & hypnosis classes are offered in longer-study formats. The benefit of taking a multi-session class in one of these contemplative subjects if to really help students to go deep. Even if you’ve taken a short class before, try out one of […]

Spirit Reading with Karen Storsteen

Join local psychic medium Karen Storsteen for a spirit reading on August 10 in this rare chance to reconnect with loved ones who have crossed over in spirit form.  People report that spirit readings help get to the root of emotional issues quickly, and find life purpose, and healing. Karen Storsteen is a local psychic […]

Develop Your Intuition with Psychic Medium Karen Storsteen

Psychic medium Karen Storsteen will be hosting her well received seminar “Develop Your Psychic Brilliance” on May 11. With an uplifting style, Karen shares her abilities and tools to help students learn how to develop their own intuitive skills. Those who attended Karen’s class earlier this year had overwhelmingly positive  things to say about her presentation, style, and sense of […]