January 20, 2018

Steve Veltkamp: The Biz Whiz!

Steve in his custom-built Jeepney.

There’s a reason why Steve Veltkamp is called the Biz Whiz. Steve is just full of accessible ideas that anyone can use to start or improve a small business venture. Best yet, his seminars focus on practical strategies and low-cost methods. Students have repeatedly told us how much they appreciate his solid, no-nonsense info delivered with warmth and lots of humor!

He’s at CFU from October 9-14, 2917 with a series of his most popular classes. 

See all Steve Veltkamp’s upcoming classes or choose a specific one here:

10/11/17: Break into Import/Export

10/11/17: Promote Your Business with Social Media

10/12/17: Sell Your Stuff on Facebook, Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy & Other Non-eBay Sites

10/12/17: Be a Mystery Shopper

10/13/17: Sidelines for Seniors

10/14/17: Small Business Success Boot Camp

10/14/17: Sell Your Stuff on eBay