January 23, 2018

Aimee Skillin presents at the Un-Job Fair: Google tools for small businesses

Aimee Skillin is wild about all the wonderful things that Google has that can help small businesses.  In her Un-Job Fair break-out, “Google for Small Businesses”, she will show participants the terrific tools that are available through Google to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses in an affordable way. Discover how you can use it to manage calendars, contacts, […]

Apple versus the Government: Chris Murphy gives insight

Apple versus the Government:  what is it really all about?  No doubt you’ve heard it in the news and have a strong opinion, but how much do you understand the technology under discussion and it’s impact on either side of the fence?  One side is concerned with unfettered access to private information, by governments both […]

Video Game Design at CFU

Game development is a fun and exciting field! Learn the basics of game design in our new class offered by Tylor Chacon, a 10 year veteran game designer. You will enter the game design field at its simplest level: 2D games in the style of class Atari and Super NES eras. Walking thru the design […]

Computer Training Classes: 2016

Colorado Free University has programmed computer training classes for 2016 from January through April.  If your company has training dollars remaining in the budget, register employees now for classes in 2016.  CFU’s CompuSkills Training Center offers small hands-on classes with a live teacher and opportunities for individualized instruction.   Classes are offered include: Basic Windows Microsoft […]

Digital Storytelling: Creating Videos to showcase your business or project!

Join us for this fun and informative workshop to learn how to showcase an upcoming event, share photos of the holidays or bring attention to an important project. Learn how to plan your story and then bring your project to life using images and sound files to create a short video. Walk away with a […]

Get the Keys to Online Security: Classes with Chris Murphy

How does this scenario make you feel?  Imagine that you go to your favorite shopping mall quite often, and unbeknownst to you, Mr. Snooper, the owner, is watching you the entire time you wander around.  You don’t realize it, but it seems that every time you go, you wear your favorite red shirt, so Mr. […]

Maintain Your Privacy in the Digital Age

Privacy is a growing concern in our digital age.  Would you pay an extra $29 to your Internet provider so that they would promise NOT to snoop in on your web surfing? That’s exactly what AT&T is doing to their customers that sign up for their new Gigabit service. (Search for “Wall Street Journal AT&T […]

Classes to start your New Year right!

At CFU we offer a wide range of classes to  help you start your New Year right!  CFU has all your bases covered for 2015, whether your goals are personal or professional.  See all of the January classes or browse through a sampling of what we have coming up: Health and Wellness: 1/8/15–Clean Living:  Managing […]

You’re being watched–and they’re making money off of you!

By Chris Murphy, CISSP How would you feel if you found out that as you walked through the mall and visited the various stores, someone was following you without you knowing? After you leave each store, the marketing department asks your tail if they can have all the information that person knows about you, and […]

iPad Classes–and Mac, Phone & Camera Classes Too!

Get using your new holiday gadgets with iPad classes and  Mac, iPhone, & camera classes!  Taking  a  “how to” class can quickly get you up to speed and increase your enjoyment of your new device. We feature iPhone classes taught by Ethan Knightchilde, a certified Apple trainer, and Maria Arapakis, a super Apple enthusiast, who […]