January 23, 2018

The Un-Job Fair is coming!

COVERMarch15fb2CFU’s Un-Job Fair: Strategies and Opportunities for Successful Self-employment is our signature event.  It represents much of what CFU is all about:  building community, supporting the “little guy”, and creating opportunities for people to change their lives.  The Un-Job Fair is not a traditional employment fair, but a day of presentations and break-out sessions for people running a small business or considering launching one.  Experts in entrepreneurship, Winter, Paul Mladjenovic, and Tamara Kleinberg give keynote presentations and CFU teachers volunteer their time to offer break-out sessions to give tips and tools for specific business needs.

Leram more and then join us for the Un-Job Fair this Saturday, May 30, 2015. Take the leap to successful self employment!

This year we have a special add-on opportunity.  If you attend this year’s Fair,  have come any other year, or have taken CFU classes to help you get your business going, then we want you to take advantage of this opportunity to get nuts and bolts information from Paul Mladjenovic.  Sunday, May 31, Start Your Own Home Business Deluxe:  An Un-Job Add-on with Paul Mladjenovic.