January 22, 2018

Travel Your Way

istockphoto.com | ShironosovIf travel is in your plans for 2015, get a head start with these classes.  Get tips from experienced travelers and make your trip truly meaningful.

2/1/15–Fly Cheap, Stay Cheap, Travel Cheap with Ron Stern

2/1/15–How to Be a Travel Writer, the Easy Way with Ron Stern

3/2/15–So You Want to Work Overseas?  Practical Strategies for Living Your Dream with Laura Lewandowski

3/7/15–Home Exchange:  Should You Dare? with Mary Schriener

3/10/15–Discover New Zealand with Pam Kniss

3/14/15–Make Another Country Your Second Home with Tomas Belcik

2/13/15–Thinking of Italy? A Travel Seminar to Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime! with the Italian Institute