January 20, 2018

Travel Writing: The Easy Way!

travelwriterDo you have a wanderlust but no way to pay for it? Consider travel writing! Travel writers stay in the best hotels, eat the finest food and experience VIP treatment for FREE! Join the travel columnist for the San Diego Community Newspaper Group, Ron Stern as he shares his inside knowledge of travel writing. You will learn the secrets on how to get started with local and online publications, and the use of the Internet to find out about free trips and the best sites for writers. Learn how to build a media contact list, obtain assignments, approach airlines for free airfare, conduct interviews, create a portfolio, and take photos that sell.

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  1. Are you going to offer this class again? I am very interested in it!

    • The teacher just replaced this class with a different offering. It’s possible he’ll bring it back in the future, but there are no solid plans to do so at the moment. I am sorry you missed it! It was offered for many years and was excellent.

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