January 20, 2018

You’re being watched–and they’re making money off of you!

slavendo vukasovic |dreamstime.comBy Chris Murphy, CISSP

How would you feel if you found out that as you walked through the mall and visited the various stores, someone was following you without you knowing? After you leave each store, the marketing department asks your tail if they can have all the information that person knows about you, and they will pay for it!

Well, this is actually happening to you if you use a smartphone with AT&T or Verizon. They place a tracking identifier in your web surfing, so when you visit various web pages, the site owners can get your unique ID, then turn around and pay the cell phone providers for all the information they have on you.   While the carriers have buried in the bowels of their sites a method that you can “opt out” of some of this scenario, there is no way to turn off or remove that unique tracking ID from your activity. However, there are some very easy methods that can be employed to bypass this and surf anonymously while on your smartphone.

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